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From Layout to Construction Progress

Our build started with a layout on the garage floor so we could get a feel of what the space was going to be like when we got it completed.

As you can see we're not completely done with the building phase, but we have it to the place where we can take it out on the road and use it. A nice long cross country trip will give us some insights on what else we'll need to adjust to fit our needs. I'll also have the time later to finish it completely.

For now we have the sink and shower with all the plumbing working and the essential map on the wall to track our travels.

We had both decided early in the process that a shower was essential for us. Fortunately, it was doable. Our slide out frig/freezer sits under the seat on the right.

I did most of the construction, but, as with everything in my life, Lisa is the one who made it beautiful. She also picked out the perfect blackout curtains because they fit right out of the package without any hemming.

I love her decorating style.

One of the things we did not draw out on the garage floor was our roof rack, solar panels and LED spot lights, but we added them anyway. We have separate switches so we can light up each side separately or have them all on.

So there is still work to do, but it's functional and we can't wait to get it out on the road. It's all about people and places. We're excited to return to places we have lived before to see family and friends in person, but we are also looking forward to seeing new places and making new friends.

Maybe we'll see you on the road,


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